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* Generate or get existing short URLs, with sequential or custom keyword
* Get some statistics about your links: top clicked links, least clicked
links, newest links * Output format: JSON, XML, or simple raw text


You need to send parameters to http://PlzTwt.Me/api.php either via GET or POST.
These parameters are:

* The requested action: either "shorturl" (get short URL for a link) or
"stats" (get stats about your links)

* With action = "shorturl" :
	o url - the url to shorten
	o keyword - optional keyword for custom short URLs
	o format - output format: either "json", "xml" or "simple"

	eg http://PlzTwt.Me/api.php?action=shorturl

* With action = "stats" :
	o filter - the filter: either "top", "bottom" or "last"
	o limit - the limit (maximum number of links to return)
	o format - output format: either "json" or "xml"

	** the stats API is only returning aggregated stats at this time **

Sample return for action = "shorturl"

		<date>2009-06-23 18:08:07</date>
	<message> added to database</message>

Please let us know if you are doing anything interesting with the API -
drop us a line at admin @ PlzTwt.Me

Use of the PlzTwt.Me API, as with the rest of the PlzTwt.Me service, is provided
"as is" at your own risk with no warranties implied. We make no
guarantees as to the availability of the service at any time.

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